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Engineering Technology

 bt1.png Current pine team service construction machinery maintenance Many years For each model

Have mature maintenance experience;

 bt1.png Maintenance of Chongqing xiansong construction machinery Is the western region specialized engineering machine maintenance

one of.

 bt1.png Equipped with mobile crane, hydraulic pump valve calibration table, fine processing

Special equipment for flat car transportation such as work, grinding, welding and painting.

Company strength

 bt1.png Chongqing xiansong Construction Machinery Co., Ltd With standard plant , support

Dr computer diagnostic instrument and hydraulic pump, liquid calibration table;

 bt1.png Chongqing xiansong construction machinery implements planned management and pays attention to process control, Finished products leave factory

Test run To provide better service for customers;

 bt1.png Chongqing current pine construction machinery according to customer demand, undertake a variety of mechanical maintenance, to

and Installation and commissioning of construction machinery on site And so on.

Engineering Technology

 bt1.png Pre sales service: Design team for you to solve the whole set of construction machinery fault dimension

Repair scheme design and consulting work, help you save investment and reduce energy consumption;

 bt1.png Process services: The task that you deliver to xiansong, our maintenance team press

According to the high standard quality management system, do a good job in every detail;

 bt1.png after-sale service: After sales team skilled, experienced, mechanical troubleshooting

Leave it to us.

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Chongqing xiansong Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

Chongqing xiansong Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd Main business: Excavator maintenance Excavator repair It's a professional in Chongqing Excavator maintenance plant Excavator repair shop , located in yijinglong Industrial Park, Baishi, Chongqing. Is one of the domestic professional import construction machinery maintenance manufacturers. With domestic advanced hydraulic system debugging platform and computer diagnostic instrument. Since the establishment of the company, always in line with the quality assurance, people-oriented enterprise concept, has won the support of the majority of customers.

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Over the years, the following domestic and foreign brand excavators have been maintained

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